Machine park

Here you can see our production workshop at a glance

In our state-of operation can be performed by qualified staff and modern machinery, a qualitative and efficient work.

The following work is carried out with us in the production:

• rolling and edging work

• Cut

• hardfacing

• Production for own and Fremdkosntruktion

• supply of spare parts according to drawings and oversize


On the following pictures you can get a glimpse of our machinery. The main characteristics of the machine are transmitted to you under the pictures.

• Circular welding system

Model: LCP

Working height Faceplate vertical: 732mm

Faceplate diameter: 400mm

Load centric: max. 3000N

Swivel range (manual): 0-90 ° every 15 ° locking

Three jaw chuck with mounting flange: 250mm

Control: Siemens PLC Streuerung

Power Source: ESS 350 A DC

Electronic height adjustment: AVC

Shuttle: Linear Support with electric spindle axis

Cold wire device: with controlled 4 wheels drive

Combination stand: electrical axes / manual cross table / folding joint / TIG machine torch

• Bandsaw

Model: AGR 450 Plus S.A.F

Working width: 450mm

Method of control: Partially Automated

• Press brake

Size: 250/30

Pressing force: 2500kN

Working width: 3050mm

Projection: 300mm

Free passage: 2520mm

Working stroke: 250mm

Through different existing matrices sheet thicknesses can depend to 15mm

Be thoroughly edited by the length.

• Bending Machine

Model: AHS 2600 x 10

Working width: 2600mm

Sheet thickness max .: 10mm

Zentralle roll: Ø230mm

Side wheels: Ø210mm

Size: 250/30

• Guillotine shear

Model: ATS 3012

Working width: 3050mm

Sheet thickness max .: 12mm

• Boring

Model: Wotan

Clamping surface: 1100x1400 mm

Transverse movement: 1800 mm

Longitudinal movement: 1250 mm

Carrying capacity of the table: 2000kg

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